Exotic Christmas Event for your team | Siin & Sääl

Exotic Christmas Event for your team

Various activities are carried out by always smiling Shereen, Kamar and Shorok from Syria; Celal, Sibel and Ayse from Turkey or Damilola from Nigeria.

We will set you a table with oriental dishes. Delicacies are prepared by Siin & Sääl chefs, Shereen from Syria or Sibel from Turkey. The evening also includes a brief but pleasant conversation about the exotic culture, traditions, customs and practices.

If desired, it is also possible to book a small cooking course with Siin & Sääl chefs and prepare something delicious and, of course, eat it. Or take an Arabic workshop and learn to write your name in Arabic. It is also possible to arrange henna paintings or get your hips swayed, be it Arabic dance, Turkish dance, African dance or Nepalese dance!

Let us know about your interest and together we will arrange a memorable and suitable meeting for your team!

The format of the team event lasts around 3-4 hours. The total length and price of the event depends on the customer's wishes. Depending on the content of the activities, we are ready to accept up to 25 people.

For more information and price offers please contact: info@siinjasaal.ee